bamboo YUU

How to make the wonderful shakukhachi that everyone can do.

April 18, 2006
It is the bamboo with root for the shakuhachi.
The bottom is the plastic shakuhachi "YUU" which will be made into an inner tube.

April 20
It deleted roughly by the router and the saw and the file ruder was used at the last. From 427g "YUU", the 93g "YUU inner tube" was completed. About 3 hours was required. Although time will be taken a little longer if you don't have Router, at least YASURI and a saw are enough.

April 21
The bamboo was cut into pieces and it was made the size of the 8-sun shakuhachi of 4 division.

April 24
Inside was extended so that a tube might enter.
Drills and thin saw etc were use to extend the inside of bamboo. Although three short bamboos were easy, the long bamboo of the central part was serious to be extended.

April 26
The "YUU tube" with adhesives on it were put into the bamboo.
The holes were opened, the acrylics board was put into the mouthpiece, and the crevice between the tube and the bamboo (parts of a mouthpiece, holes and the bottom) were fill uped with woodwork epoxy putty.

April 28 completion!!
It seems like the shakuhachi of a professional shakuhachi maker.
This shakuhachi was made of the destroyed "YUU"( japanese site). Gratitude to "YUU" is expressed from the bottom of my heart.